Burger King is taking steps to broaden its customer base in Thailand and cater to the needs of Thai families while also appealing to new target customers. As part of this effort, the hamburger chain is introducing an exciting promotional set called KING JR, priced at just 99 baht. Additionally, Burger King has partnered with the

Burger King is taking steps to broaden its customer base in Thailand and cater to the needs of Thai families while also appealing to new target customers. As part of this effort, the hamburger chain is introducing an exciting promotional set called KING JR, priced at just 99 baht. Additionally, Burger King has partnered with the renowned entertainment alliance Sony Pictures to implement a movie marketing strategy. A notable milestone in this collaboration is the launch of the Burger King Spider-Verse Store, marking its debut in Thailand. In addition to the transformation of the Burger King concept store into a Spider-Man multiverse, a beloved superhero among many, there will be a range of thrilling activities designed to ignite a genuine passion for spiders. This new concept store aims to offer consumers immersive experiences in multi-dimensional ways and contribute to sales growth in alignment with predetermined objectives.

Tanawat Damnernthong, General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd. saidBurger King has consistently evolved and adapted its business model to align with the needs of contemporary individuals, prioritizing a customer-centric approach. This strategy encompasses expanding its branch network nationwide, introducing innovative recipes, and offering monthly special promotions or discounts. These initiatives have been warmly embraced by consumers, resulting in Burger King’s overall performance being deemed satisfactory.

“While having achieved satisfactory results, Burger King remains committed to innovating and introducing new offerings to cater to the diverse needs of its target customers. The latest addition is the KING JR set meal, available at an attractive starting price of 99 baht. In addition, Burger King has partnered with Sony Pictures to introduce the Burger King Spider-Verse Store in Thailand, marking its debut in the country. This collaboration involves a fresh design and theme that revolves around the popular superhero character Spider-Man. The aim is to create a unique and engaging environment that provides consumers with thrilling experiences and unforgettable moments.” He continued, “This is just one of the approaches Burger King is employing to attract consumers. Apart from emphasizing its position as the true No. 1 leader in burgers, Burger King envisions itself as a Restaurant as a Future,” said the General Manager.

Tanawat elaborated on the Burger King Spider-Verse Store, stating that Burger King has placed great emphasis on attention to detail. The store is adorned with Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse characters and movie themes throughout various sections. Furthermore, the company has organized activities that allow all customers to immerse themselves in the Spider-Man universe. This captivating theme is implemented in three specific branches: Ratchada, Siam Paragon, and Mega Bangna.

At the Ratchada branch of the Burger King Spider-Verse Store, customers can expect something truly exceptional that will ignite their inner Spider-Man fandom. The store offers a wide array of activities designed to bring together customers of all genders and ages, fostering shared experiences and creating memorable moments. These include:

Workshop – Color The Mask The workshop aims to challenge the notion that Spider-Man masks are limited to a single color. It offers an opportunity for both children and parents to participate together while encouraging imagination as participants are invited to indulge in crafting their do-it-yourself Spider-Man masks.

Photo Zone – Hanging Upside Down There is a distinctive photography zone unlike any other. This dedicated area features an inverted signature posture, mimicking the iconic stance of Spider-Man. Visitors are encouraged to strike this pose and capture memorable photos, which they can then proudly share on their social media platforms.

AR Zone – Across to the Spider-verse This activity breaks the boundaries of conventional photography by introducing a new dimension of AR (augmented reality) photography. Here, visitors are transported into an immersive experience of the Spider-Man multiverse, allowing them to get up close and personal with the beloved superhero.

Game Zone – I’m wearing the mask! Conclude the immersive experience with a game called “I’m wearing the mask!” This game allows everyone to indulge in the transformation of becoming Spider-Man. Participants can wear a Spider-Man mask and engage in a fun activity, such as jumping on a trampoline and trying to capture the desired pose.

At the Burger King Spider-Verse Store located in both the Siam Paragon and Mega Bangna branches, visitors can anticipate a delightful surprise appearance by Spider-Man himself. Along with Spider-Man’s presence, there will be engaging activities for everyone to enjoy.

Adding to the excitement, the Burger King Spider-Verse Store will also host the Birthday Wear The Mask Party. This Spider-Verse-themed birthday party is specifically designed to bring extreme delight and enjoyment to children. As part of this exclusive celebration, Burger King will provide special gifts free of charge, making it a unique privilege exclusively available to kids born in June.

In order to cater to the diverse preferences of its target consumer groups, Burger King provides an exclusive KING JR meal priced at 99 baht per set. This set offers customers the choice of either one burger or six nuggets as the main dish. Additionally, customers can select a side dish of either French fries or hash browns. For an additional fee of just 20 baht, they can also enjoy a refreshing drink, choosing between orange juice or milk.

“Moreover, Burger King is taking the Spider-Man fan experience to the next level by offering a special promotion tied to the movie screening. Customers who present two movie tickets for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at the Major Cineplex Ratchada branch, Siam Paragon branch, or Mega Bangna branch will receive a complimentary burger. This promotion is limited to 50 free burgers per day for a duration of 6 days,” concluded Tanawat. 

Dujdao Promobol, the Executive Director of Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Thailand)
Co., Ltd.
, expressed the significance of the collaboration. The partnership with Burger King to create new experiences for consumers through the Spider-Verse Store holds the potential to reach a broader target customer base for the film. Burger King’s brand appeal extends across all genders and age groups, making it an ideal platform to engage a diverse range of customers. The strategy is well-aligned with the target audience of Spider-Man, which spans different age groups, from children to adults. Sony Pictures is enthusiastic about future partnerships with Burger King as it envisions driving the business toward reaching a wider variety of consumers.”

To experience the Burger King Spider-Verse Store immersion, fans of Burger King and Spider-Man can visit any of the three branches: Ratchada, Siam Paragon, and Mega Bangna. The store experience will be available starting today and will continue until June 30, 2023. For further information and updates, visit the official website: www.burgerking.co.th and follow Burger King Thailand’s Facebook page: BurgerKingThailand.