Marimekko Thailand, under the Tanachira Group, is set to thrill foodies, café hoppers, Thai shoppers, and Finnish lifestyle brand Marimekko enthusiasts with the exciting launch of the world’s first “Marimekko Kafé.” This grand launch marks a special milestone commemorating the 8th anniversary of Marimekko Thailand. The all-new lifestyle space aims to inspire the younger generation, offering a unique opportunity

Marimekko Thailand, under the Tanachira Group, is set to thrill foodies, café hoppers, Thai shoppers, and Finnish lifestyle brand Marimekko enthusiasts with the exciting launch of the world’s first “Marimekko Kafé.” This grand launch marks a special milestone commemorating the 8th anniversary of Marimekko Thailand. The all-new lifestyle space aims to inspire the younger generation, offering a unique opportunity to embrace the Marimekko lifestyle. Beyond its chic cafe and restaurant experience, the venue exudes warmth and comfort. Guided by the concept of “Comfort Food, Clean & True with Essential Ingredients,’ each item on the signature menu promises a delectable fusion of Thai-Finnish flavors, boasting exceptional taste and a perfect nutritional balance. To elevate the dining experience, all dishes, drinks, and desserts are beautifully presented on Marimekko’s Home Collection tableware, adding a touch of style to every visit.

Marimekko Kafé’s true essence lies in its exceptional collaboration with a talented team of Thai consultants led by concept designer Ploy Chariyaves. This creative group includes food and drinks consultants Utchima Sriprachya-anan, Asama Vichaidit, and Vasinee Ukkachartkul, all instrumental in shaping the unique concept and menu. All dishes are stylishly presented on the brand’s signature ceramic collection ‘Oiva,’ adding a touch of sophistication to each meal. The space itself exudes a captivating blend of minimalism and Nordic design, with walls and furniture decorated with Marimekko’s iconic Home Collection patterns, enveloping visitors in the perfect Marimekko vibe. This delightful space on the 1st floor of The Emporium is ready to welcome those who wish to enter the world of Marimekko’s creativity and design.

Praewpailyn Aimaksorn, Lifestyle Strategic Marketing Director, Tanachira Home Co., Ltd., who has been the force behind Marimekko’s 8-year success, said, “Following the resounding success of the Marimekko Pop-Up Café in the Thai market last year, we are thrilled to return with an even greater commitment to spreading happiness and creativity. Today we launched Marimekko Kafé, an authentic Finnish lifestyle space that captures the essence of Scandinavian style— the birthplace of Marimekko. Our journey of storytelling is expressed in our carefully crafted food menus, drinks, and desserts. We want each visit to feel like a warm gathering at a friend’s house, embracing customers with comfort and inspiration. Our aim is to welcome creativity enthusiasts, art lovers, coffee aficionados, and those who seek a delightful dining spot. Marimekko Kafé also serves as a space to foster idea exchange among city dwellers. Visitors will find a charming book corner for small workshops and various activities.  Under the concept of “A Witty Girl’s Home Studio,” the space provides a cozy yet playful atmosphere. We also take great pride in ensuring that every dish we serve is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients.”

“We envision Marimekko Kafé as a welcoming space where people can share their experiences and lifestyles, spanning various realms such as design, food, fashion, art, and home decoration. This inclusive environment aims to foster inspiration and ignite boundless creativity. Every aspect of Marimekko Kafé, be it the design, décor, ambiance, or culinary offerings, serves as a conduit for conveying the distinctive narrative of Marimekko. This renowned brand seamlessly blends the art of prints with the essence of nature and simplicity while also infusing a touch of inventiveness. For over seven decades, Marimekko’s unique approach has resonated with the Finnish way of life and aligns perfectly with our brand’s philosophy of “Bringing joy to everyday life,” added Praewpailyn.

The star attraction of Marimekko Kafé lies in its lifestyle space design concept, playfully dubbed “A Witty Girl’s Playground,” curated by Ploy Chariyaves, the renowned lifestyle guru who serves as a space concept consultant. Ploy artfully interprets women who harbor an admiration for Marimekko, envisioning them as young women with a playful essence. Embracing Marimekko founder Armi Ratia’s quote, “It is wonderful to look at life through a child’s eyes,” the space becomes a haven for youthful hearts filled with a zest for living. These women channel their energies into crafting fresh and timeless designs while infusing their living rooms, guest rooms, and studios with energy and fun. This vibrant ambiance becomes the wellspring of inspiration that breathes life into Marimekko Kafé, a playground for inspiration. 80% of the décor is adorned with the Home and Oiva collection. In a harmonious blend, 20% of the space showcases delightful local art from Thailand, aligning with Marimekko’s global philosophy of supporting local art and fostering the talents of young artists.

Another captivating feature at Marimekko Kafé is the exceptional food and drink menu, crafted to deliver the ultimate Marimekko experience. This carefully curated selection combines the finest ingredients sourced both locally and from abroad, striking a delightful balance between deliciousness and wholesome goodness, catering to urban dwellers’ tastes and health-conscious preferences. The team of renowned food designers and consultants behind these culinary wonders includes:

Utchima Sriprachya-anan, the Food Consultant, brings her vision to life with the concept of “Homemade & Heartmade with Balance.” Her special menu features mouthwatering delights such as Smoked Salmon Crepes adorned with eggs, cream cheese, fresh herbs, and salmon roe, served alongside an organic salad. The Onigiri with Thai-flavored pork meatball skewers, known as “Moo-Ping,” offers a delightful combination of flavors, while the Crab Cake Salad with curry dressing is a hit among health enthusiasts.

Vasinee Ukkachartkul, the Dessert & Drinks Consultant, draws inspiration from Scandinavia for her delectable creations, offering an array of delightful desserts. The Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake, an exquisite fusion of raspberries, lychee, and rose, tantalizes the taste buds with its sweet and sour profile and delicate floral aroma. The Berry Mascarpone Cream Cheese Tart, featuring organic berries, is a true delight. For those who crave a refreshing drink, the Strawberry Virgin Mojito, with its lemon and strawberry-infused mocktail, brings a burst of freshness.

Asama Vichaidit, the Coffee & Roast Consultant and esteemed judge for international barista competitions, weaves the story and culture of Marimekko into the taste of Marimekko Kafé coffee offerings. Each coffee menu is designed with creative Marimekko touches. The Berries Gravity, a twist on the traditional Gravity technique, is a playful blend of sweet and sour homemade raspberry mixed with fresh milk and topped with an espresso shot. The Longan Infused Cold Brew boasts the gentle aroma of chrysanthemum syrup, symbolizing the iconic flower print of Unikko, perfect for a relaxing time. The Citrus Toddy Cold Brew masterfully combines the unique sweetness and aroma of Toddy Palm sugar with cold brew coffee. The result is a heartwarming experience akin to enjoying a homemade coffee shared with a dear friend. Finally, the Orange Cloud, an iced latte infused with the delightful essence of orange and topped with fluffy whipped cream, offers a smooth and refreshing indulgence fit for everyday enjoyment.

Marimekko Kafé presents every menu item – from food, desserts, to drinks – with a delightful blend of simplicity and beauty, served on exclusive Oiva ceramic tableware adorned with vibrant Marimekko prints. This attention to detail ensures a memorable and inspiring dining experience.

The world’s first Marimekko Kafé is now ready to welcome Marimekko fans on the 1st floor of The Emporium, open every day from 10 AM – 10 PM. For more updates, check out, Facebook and Instagram: marimekkothailand and LINE:, or call 080 073 6298