McLaren Bangkok official launched McLaren 750S to Thai media and VIP customers for the first time in Thailand. An epitome of automotive craftsmanship, the 750S sets a new benchmark as the lightest and most powerful vehicle in McLaren’s series production history. McLaren Bangkok also added another major highlight to this event by hosting a celebration

McLaren Bangkok official launched McLaren 750S to Thai media and VIP customers for the first time in Thailand. An epitome of automotive craftsmanship, the 750S sets a new benchmark as the lightest and most powerful vehicle in McLaren’s series production history. McLaren Bangkok also added another major highlight to this event by hosting a celebration of McLaren’s 60th anniversary. The event displays McLaren Millstone journey that shows the history of McLaren from day 1 to its 60th year combining its successes in the professional racing world and automotive innovation. For this special occasion, McLaren Bangkok showcases “McLaren Speedtail”, the ultimate car that is the fastest McLaren to date. Only106 McLaren Speedtail were built in the world and the price is approximately 400 million baht in Thailand.

Designed and engineered after meticulous analysis of the renowned McLaren 720S, around 30 percent of 750S components are either new or changed. The new 750S combines advances in weight-saving, powertrain performance, aerodynamics, and dynamic excellence to elevate a benchmark driving experience to new heights. These modifications not only make the 750S more powerful, lighter, and quicker but also ensure it offers increased downforce and an even better aerodynamic balance than the 720S, making it even more thrilling and engaging. It boasts a segment-leading power-to-weight ratio of 587PS-per-tonne (for the Coupé, at its lightest dry weight), giving it a 22PS edge over its nearest rival. The new rear-wheel drive, equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine, now produces 750PS and 800Nm, paired with a 7-speed transmission featuring revised ratios for optimized acceleration, achieving astonishing performance levels of 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in 7.2 seconds for the Coupé and 7.3 seconds for the Spider.

Utilizing carbon fibre monocoque construction as a core element for low vehicle weight, the 750S is not only 30kg (DIN) lighter than the 720S but also boasts a strikingly light dry weight of just 1,277kg, which is a remarkable 193 kg less than its closest competitor. This weight advantage is further accentuated by features such as carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and the lightest wheels ever fitted as standard on a series-production McLaren.
The new interior, which is even more driver-focused, sets new standards for engagement and features a McLaren innovation: a driver-centric, column-mounted instrument display flanked by rocker switches. These switches control Active Dynamic settings, allowing the suspension and powertrain modes to be adjusted without removing hands from the steering wheel.

The McLaren Control Launcher (MCL) is another new McLaren technology that debuts on 750S and adds yet another dimension to the driver’s interface with the car. Activated using a button featuring the famous McLaren Speedmark, MCL allows the driver to personalise their McLaren driving experience by storing a bespoke dynamic preference – their favourite combination of aero, handling, powertrain and transmission settings – that can instantly be recalled with a push of the MCL button.

Drivers will also benefit from new features such as Apple CarPlay® standard, USB-C and USB-A for fast charging of devices, and the new Central Information Screen, which features richer, even more detailed graphics to further enhance the driver experience. The Rear View and Surround View camera systems are also upgraded, for higher definition and clarity and a new vehicle-lift system raises the front of the 750S in only four seconds compared to the 10 seconds it takes in a 720S.

A heightened physical and emotional connection between the driver and the car is enhanced by a new central-exit exhaust layout inspired by the McLaren P1™, which is acoustically tuned to produce a distinctive clear tone and sharp crescendo at high engine speeds. This is complemented by the debut of McLaren’s newest generation of their acclaimed linked-hydraulic suspension, the PCC III, on the 750S. This system incorporates new lightweight springs and dampers with revised geometry, resulting in increased agility, feel, and feedback. Adding to the dynamic experience, the renowned McLaren steering now comes with sharpened electro-hydraulic assistance, featuring a faster steering ratio and a new power-assistance pump for heightened refinement. For those 750S customers keen on frequent circuit driving, there’s an option for a track brake upgrade. This upgrade, derived from the McLaren Senna system, includes ceramic discs, monobloc callipers, a new brake booster, a vacuum pump, and Formula 1-inspired integrated calliper cooling technology.
“When you have a car recognised by so many drivers as a benchmark, to do something even better you have to examine every detail and really push hard for improvements that raise the bar again. This is what we have done with the new 750S and the light weight, V8 engine performance and outstanding dynamic abilities combine to deliver a supercar driving experience that hits new heights, with truly exhilarating levels of emotional connection,” Michael Leiters, CEO, McLaren Automotive.

The 750S Spider is designed with the same focus on minimising weight. It features a Retractable Hard Top (RHT) that can be opened in under 11 seconds at vehicle speeds up to 50km/h, along with rollover protection system and a bespoke rear upper structure to the monocoque constructed from carbon fibre, but the strength of the carbon fibre monocoque is so significant that no additional reinforcement is needed. This ensures the Spider is equally impressive in power-to-weight terms and segment-leading at 566PS-per-tonne, at its lightest dry weight of 1,326kg.

Visually, the 750S refines its predecessor’s design with a new lower nose section featuring an extended front splitter, narrower ‘eye socket’ intakes that enclose the headlights, new sill air intakes and rear wheelarch vents. Rear aerodynamic revisions incorporate a redesigned and lengthened rear deck that channels air towards a distinctive raised and lengthened carbon fibre active rear wing, positioned above the central-exit exhaust.
Headlight surrounds are now optionally body coloured or in carbon fibre. The new rear bumper and front bumper vents are also available in McLaren’s signature lightweight material.

The carbon fibre monocoque construction not only facilitates near 360-degree visibility with features like a low scuttle, ultra-slim A-pillars, and glazed C-pillars on the Coupé, enhancing natural light in the cabin, but on the Coupé, the V8 engine can even be seen from inside.

Beyond performance and design, the 750S offers peace of mind with a 3-year warranty.
McLaren Bangkok began operation in Thailand since 2014 offering international standard after sales service center located on Motorway Road in Bangkok, which provides McLaren clients a one stop service for automotive maintenance by auto mechanics professionally trained by McLaren Automotive. For further details, reach out to McLaren Bangkok at Tel. 02-321-1111 or follow us on Facebook, IG, and YouTube under “McLaren Bangkok.”