Tops, food business under Central Retail, foresees a continuous growth trend during this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, kicking off the first campaign, ‘DISCOVER CHINA’S BEST 2024 – Explore the Wonders of the Blessing Power,’ to welcome the Year of the Dragon. This initiative aims to boost the festive atmosphere and increase spending during the season, leveraging real

Tops, food business under Central Retail, foresees a continuous growth trend during this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, kicking off the first campaign, ‘DISCOVER CHINA’S BEST 2024 – Explore the Wonders of the Blessing Power,’ to welcome the Year of the Dragon. This initiative aims to boost the festive atmosphere and increase spending during the season, leveraging real customer insights and implementing three main strategies: BEST ASSORTMENT, BEST EXPERIENCE, and BEST DEALS. Offering a comprehensive range of top-quality auspicious products for a one-stop festive shopping experience,
Tops creates a vibrant and trendy assortment to meet the needs of customers in every generation. Elevating the experience further, Tops brings in Tossaporn ‘Master Chang’ Sritula, a renowned astrology expert, to share Chinese New Year ritual tips, enhancing the festive aura. The campaign is packed with exclusive promotions, ensuring a value-packed rewarding shopping experience with the ‘5 Great Deals’ offer and a chance to become one of 20 Top Spenders, earning an extraordinary trip with Master Chang for an exclusive astrological experience to enhance luck and prosperity. Pre-orders for ritual attire are available from today until 5 February 2024, both online and through personal shopping assistant services. The goal is to stimulate sales growth by more than 15%.

Mr. Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, stated, “The overall consumer behavior during the Chinese New Year festivities in the past year has been consistently vibrant, with a circulation of over 45 billion baht, representing a growth of 13.6% compared to 2022. This marks the highest in the past three years (source: University of Thai Chamber of Commerce). With a continuous annual growth rate, it is expected that this year will follow the trend. Tops, as a leader in the food retail business, sees the potential for market expansion and opportunities for increased spending during the festive season. Therefore, we are putting together a grand campaign, the first of the year, ‘DISCOVER CHINA’S BEST 2024 – Explore the Wonders of the Blessing Power,’ to stimulate the economy and emphasise our role as a Food Discovery & Destination during every festival. Our goal is to stimulate sales growth by 15% during this year’s festive season.”

For this year’s Chinese New Year, Tops continues to conduct its business by prioritising customer needs, aiming to create strategies that offer the best products and services aligned with customers’ preferences. Based on insights from Tops’ customer-centric data-driven studies during the previous Chinese New Year festivities in 2023, some of the interesting trends were found, they are:

  1. Traditional Authenticity & Adaptability is when the majority of consumers still prioritise purchasing ritual products that are traditionally proper. At the same time, there is a new generation of consumers adapting to the tides, seeking products that cater to their evolving lifestyles, emphasising both quality and auspiciousness. In 2023, the data showed a 31% growth in the average spending per order compared to regular spending periods. As for the sales distribution during the Chinese New Year season, the majority came from the Fresh Meat and Seafood category, accounting for 44%, followed by the Produce (fruits and vegetables) category at 24%, and the others category at 32%. Additionally, the pre-ordered sales of Tops’ Chinese New Year products grew by 38.4%.
  2. Eco-Consciousness reveals a trend that impacts consumer purchasing behaviour as individuals increasingly focus on environmental considerations. Consequently, there is an adaptation in practices, such as reducing the use of incense and burning less paper during the Chinese New Year season to minimise pollution. Additionally, there is a shift towards seeking products that address sustainability, alongside a continued emphasis on the cleanliness and safety of food for consumption after rituals.
  3. Mu is Everything is the widely popular trend that has infiltrated various businesses. According to surveys, more than 52 million Thais embrace the ‘Mu’ lifestyle (source: Data from the seminar ‘Marketing in the Uncertain World: The Marketing of Those Who Live Tactfully’ by the Management College, Mahidol University).

Looking closer into the statistics, Tops’ data reveals that 70% of customers during the Chinese New Year festival are female, while 70% of all customers belong to the 30-54 age range. The majority of these customers are located in the Greater Bangkok and vicinity area, accounting for 69% of customers nationwide.

Studying customer insights has allowed Tops to truly understand consumer behaviour from all angles. The data gathered from customers has been instrumental in devising strategies for this year’s Chinese New Year festival through three main pillars: BEST ASSORTMENT, BEST EXPERIENCE, and BEST DEALS.

BEST ASSORTMENT — Tops has curated the finest selection of Chinese New Year products, bringing together over 500 items for customers to conveniently shop in one place throughout the Chinese New Year festival.

o   Create vibrancy while elevating the shopping experience with distinctive and unique products that stand out, catering to changing consumer trends. This includes the premium Seafood Set of auspicious ritual foods featuring exquisite and symbolic ingredients such as Lobster, Abalone, Alaska King Crab, and Octopus, symbolising prosperity and good fortune. Embrace the trend of the popular Mala flavour with the Mala Hotpot and Mala Skewer (Chuan Chuan) Set, providing a unique response to the growing Mala trend. Additionally, the Prosperous Seafood Set brings a touch of glamour with golden snapper raised with Chrysanthemum flowers

o   Complete with consumer goods, the range caters to the lifestyles of all customer segments. Convenient shopping all in one place, from Prep Day, Pay Day, Worship Day, and Leisure Day, ensuring quality meticulously selected for freshness, cleanliness, and international safety standards. Examples include the auspicious ritual sets like the Auspicious Caishen Worship Set and the Opulent Huang Hou Set, meeting convenience needs with a comprehensive product set designed according to worship principles. The premium imported Lucky Fruit Set, designed as a luxurious gift set, is perfectly suitable for gifting. Many more Chinese New Year items are available, allowing customers to make complete purchases in one convenient location.

o   With environment in mind, this year Tops has changed the packaging of the ritual sets from plastic trays to eco-packaging made from biodegradable paper, aligning with environmental trends. Additionally, the design features an octagonal shape in red and gold, in accordance with Chinese principles of auspice.

BEST EXPERIENCE — Elevate the Chinese New Year experience to be more special than ever before. Captivate customers from every generation by embracing the ‘Muketing’ trend. Delight the enthusiasts with exclusive marketing activities available only at Tops.

o   Featuring the expertise of Astrologer Tossaporn Sritula, also known as Master Chang, to support as the campaign presenter. Master Chang joins to guide customers with tips on selecting products and performing Chinese New Year rituals, ensuring they are done in a way that is both accurate and more fruitful than ever.

o   Stand a chance to be one of the Top Spenders, the first 20 customers who will embark on an extraordinary pilgrimage trip to perform auspicious rituals with Master Chang at the revered Boromracha Kanchanapisek Anusorn temple (Leng Neuilly 2).

o   Explore fortune-telling near your home and participate in the virtual experience of Qiuqian (Siam Si sticks) fortune-telling at Tops branches nationwide.

BEST DEALS — Guarantee value for every purchase 5-deal fantastic promotions. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with these incredible deals:

o   First deal: Get a free discount voucher worth a total of 3,219 baht when you spend 800 baht or more per receipt.

o   Second deal: Receive a free Lucky Ang Pao (Hongbao) worth 250 baht when you spend 2,000 baht or more per receipt at any Tops branch, or get a Good Fortune Tote Bag worth 350 baht when you spend 3,000 baht or more per receipt at Tops Food Hall and Tops Fine Food. Alternatively, redeem a fortune charm with a value of 199 baht for only 59 baht when you spend 99 baht or more per receipt at any Tops daily branch.

o   Third deal: Exclusive privilege for The1 members — use 888 points to redeem a 180-baht discount.

o   Fourth deal: Exchange cashback or receive discounts with participating credit cards.

o   Fifth deal: Stand a chance to be one of the first 20 Top Spenders and join an exclusive merit-making trip with Master Chang.

Additionally, during the Chinese New Year celebration, Tops has prepared to delight customers with a variety of Chinese dishes from renowned establishments. This includes authentic fish maw pot in the traditional style by ‘Hia Ngee’ from Yaowarat, delectable prawn balls from the famous ‘Jay Daeng Yaowarat’; ancient Chinese cuisine crafted with meticulous care for food preservation, maintaining both freshness and flavour from the ‘A-Kong Homemade Yaowarat’ shop; the original ‘Chwee Kueh’ in Thailand from Lee Chim Hia at Talat Noi market; signature Sala Pao, a delectable favourite from the popular ‘Aroi Nang Loeng’ shop; renowned ‘Kui Chai’ (Jiucai Guo) from the ‘Jay Mon’ of Wat Sanchao; and the culinary cadenza with delicious dumplings and egg tarts from Tasty Congee, a 1-star Michelin restaurant and one of the oldest eateries in Hong Kong.

“This Chinese New Year, we anticipate witnessing an enthusiastic consumer spending atmosphere, and Tops is ready to play a part in stimulating the economy in the first quarter with the ‘DISCOVER CHINA’S BEST 2024 – Explore the Wonders of the Blessing Power’ campaign. We have meticulously selected products and services to reach consumers of all ages, offering them an enhanced and differentiated experience. This aligns with our goal of being a Food Experience for All,” concluded Mr Chakkit.

Shop conveniently for everything you need, from Pay Day, Worship Day, to Leisure Day, all in one place with the ‘DISCOVER CHINA’S BEST 2024 – Explore the Wonders of the Blessing Power’ campaign. Pre-order your festive sets now from today until 5 February 2024, on Tops Online, through the Personal Shopper service, or choose to shop in person at Tops, Tops Food Hall, and Central Food Hall branches from 31 January to 13 February 2024. For more information, stay updated on, TopsThailand Facebook, or the LINE Official @TopsThailand.”

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