Tops, a food business under Central Retail, underscores its position as the ultimate destination for World Class culinary experiences by joining hands with the Australian Embassy in Thailand to organise ‘Discover the Flavours of Australia.’ Customers are invited to explore an exceptional range of consumer goods and premium ingredients from Australia, a country renowned for

Tops, a food business under Central Retail, underscores its position as the ultimate destination for World Class culinary experiences by joining hands with the Australian Embassy in Thailand to organise ‘Discover the Flavours of Australia.’ Customers are invited to explore an exceptional range of consumer goods and premium ingredients from Australia, a country renowned for its organic products and high demand in the global market. The event covers new items and Australian products available exclusively at Tops, including seedless grapes, nectarines, plums, avocados, Tasmanian salmon, abalone, Australian grass-fed picanha, Australian lamb leg bone-in, Australian grain-fed Tajima Wagyu, and Australian Black Mussels. Plus, explore exclusive products from Coles, only available at Tops. Furthermore, Tops Vita offers a comprehensive range of imported Australian health supplements, such as SpringLeaf Collagen 5in1, Blackmores, and Swisse Collagen & GrapeSeed over 1,400 items, Additionally, Thailand iron chef Martin Blunos will collaborate  to introduce highlighted products and craft food menus and carefully pair selected drinks at Tops Eatery and Tops Wine Cellar, allowing customers to explore the premium quality products of Australian origin from today until 12 March 2024 at Tops, Tops Food Hall, and Tops Fine Food. 

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer of Food Group, Central Retail, stated, “With Tops’ vision of ‘Food Experience for All,’ aiming to offer the best culinary experiences to our customers, alongside the continually growing trend of consuming organic products in Thailand, Australia stands out as one of the world’s leading countries renowned for its pristine products from the nature. Tops has thus collaborated with the Australian Embassy in Thailand to organise the ‘Discover the Flavours of Australia’ festival, inviting customers to explore shopping experiences and products from one of the world’s most abundant sources, reaffirming its status as the ultimate Food Discovery & Destination. This also reflects Tops’ role as the Original Curator, expertly selecting top-quality products from the best sources globally, both from Thailand and abroad. We continuously strive to develop ourselves, selecting everything with discernment and a perspective rich in experience, Discover the best from every corner of the world to offer to our customers.

Discover the Flavours of Australia invites you to explore a premium selection of products from down under in the Pacific Ocean. Australia, known for its exceptional quality and taste of food, offers a variety of seafood sourced from the rich waters of the Southern Ocean, such as Tasmanian salmon Fresh, tender, premium salmon from Tasmania, renowned for being one of the cleanest and purest places on Earth as a World Natural Heritage Site, Australian mussels, cultivated in the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, the ultimate habitat for marine life. Indulge in fleshy, tender Abalone, the Queen of Collagen. Catering to the discerning meat lovers, experience the finest Australian premium-grade beef, raised on pristine natural grasslands. Indulge in the superior taste of Australian Grass-Fed PicanhaAngus Beef, and Tajima Wagyu Australian beef, renowned for their timeless exquisite flavour. Curated to perfection, these meats offer a variety of delicious dishes, accompanied by Australian Lamb Leg Bone-In and Australian Lamb Rack, sourced from the state of Victoria, selecting only the best breed for consumption. Also, relish a diverse array of seasonal fruits including seedless green and red grapes, with their sweet, juicy flesh, direct from Australian vineyards nurtured by the perfect blend of sunlight and temperature, Hass avocados, a superfood from Perth, Australia with high-quality, creamy flesh, ideal for healthy meals, and nectarines, with their creamy white flesh and delicate sweet aroma. Additionally, enjoy Australian plums, distinctive for their sweet, crunchy taste, grown with meticulous care at every stage.

Delight in original Australian Made products, discover a range of Coles’ frozen fruits including strawberries and mixed berries, perfect for crafting your own fully fruity smoothies. Catering to health-conscious individuals, indulge in high-protein Greek-style yoghurt from Farmers Union, rich in protein and beneficial nutrients, delivering the authentic taste of 100% yoghurt. Enjoy the natural flavour of Cocobella, coconut yoghurt fermented with probiotics, free from lactose and gluten, alongside Nuttelex Butter, a healthy alternative packed with the goodness of natural olive oil. Say cheese with Lemnos and Lemnos Fetta Cheese, original flavours crafted to transform your meals, complemented by Lemnos Garlic & Chive Cream Cheese, offering a smooth and creamy texture to enhance your dining experience. Additionally, indulge in Bulla Plain Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, a premium-quality dairy product with up to 97% fat-free, Vegemite, a beloved Australian spread fortified with vitamins, free from artificial colours, Beerenberg, premium-quality secret-recipe jam passed down through generations, San Remo Pasta, high-quality pasta paired with Praise dressings to elevate the taste of any dish. Explore a selection of Madura teas known for their exceptional quality and exquisite taste, rich and aromatic, and many more.

To further underscore its position as a Food Discovery & Destination, Tops gathers exclusive products available only at Tops, such as Coles Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil SprayColes Milk Choc Fudge Brownie Protein BarColes Tasty Cheese & CrackersColes Anzac Biscuits, and many more. Additionally, there are Non-Food products imported by Tops Vita, a comprehensive centre for vitamins and supplements from both Thai and international brands. This includes SpringLeaf Collagen 5in1, a renowned dietary supplement from a leading brand in Australia, Blackmores Omega Triple Daily 60 Capsules, a fish oil formula rich in omega-3 suitable for all ages, Swisse Collagen & GrapeSeed, a beauty supplement trending in the social media for its long-lasting effects on skin, and Nature’s Way Apple Cider Vinegar, among others.

In addition, Tops invites you to experience the culinary delights of Australia, with Thailand Iron Chef Martin Blunos, honoured to introduce highlighted products, creates food menus, and pairs them with carefully selected fine wines from Australia only at Tops Eatery and Tops Wine Cellar across 6 branches, including CentralWorld, Central Chidlom, Central Ladprao, Central Pattaya Beach, Central Phuket Floresta, and Porto de Phuket, from today to 12 March 2024.

Indulge in a premium culinary experience with a selection of premium-grade products directly imported from Australia at the ‘Discover the Flavours of Australia’ event from today to 12 March 2024 at Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, or conveniently shop anywhere through Tops Online and the Personal Shopper service. For more information, visit the website, TopsThailand Facebook fan page, or LINE Official @TopsThailand.

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