Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of hotels in Japan are ready to  celebrate the arrival of springtime in the country, a season marked by the spectacular annual flowering of the sakura or cherry blossom trees in March and April. Marriott hotels in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Fukuoka are inviting guests and visitors to join in the

Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of hotels in Japan are ready to  celebrate the arrival of springtime in the country, a season marked by the spectacular annual flowering of the sakura or cherry blossom trees in March and April. Marriott hotels in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Fukuoka are inviting guests and visitors to join in the annual festivities with a captivating array of sakura-inspired stay packages and dining events inspired by century-old traditions marking the arrival of spring in Japan.

The blooming of the cherry blossom heralds the arrival of springtime and the anticipation of new beginnings and new vitality across the country. The beauty of the cherry blossoms have been celebrated for centuries in Japan, with the traditional ‘hanami’, or flower viewing parties and picnics that are a popular and essential experience for every visitor in Japan.

Guests staying at Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of hotels in Japan can look forward to an enchanting array of dining experiences and immersive events curated to celebrate the spirit of cherry blossom season across the country.


From March 15 to the beginning of May, The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo will be celebrating the season with a cherry blossom themed Afternoon Tea, featuring seasonal delicacies such as Cherry Sakura, Crystal Flower, Sakura Shrimp & Seaweed Arancini. At The Lobby Lounge, a two-tiered tray of other spring-inspired handmade sweets and savories are presented for guests to enjoy.

At the Escalier sky bar at The Westin Tokyo, guests can indulge in a series of spring-themed cocktails including Ippai Hyakka and Sakura Biyori, a dessert cocktail scented with cherry blossoms.

Guests staying at the lifestyle-luxury hotel, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon can explore the picturesque Shiba Park, where about 200 sakura trees bloom every spring. From March 16 to April 7, guests can enjoy a Sakura Package featuring an exclusively curated welcome amenity sweet, along with an Aromatized Sakura cocktail, made with Roku gin, Sumomo Liqueur, Sakura, Citrus, Cranberry and Egg white at the Lobby Bar.


In the heart of Yokohama’s waterfront district and about ten minutes’ walk from The Westin Yokohama is Sakura-dori, or Sakura Avenue, a charming street famous for its picturesque rows of 102 cherry blossom trees, which bloom in abundance during the spring, creating a stunning canopy of pink and white blossoms overhead.

To mark the season, The Westin Yokohama is serving a seasonal Sakura Afternoon Tea at the Lobby Lounge as well as sakura-themed dinner courses at its signature Japanese restaurant, Kissui-sen. A Sakura Bento Box lunch is also available to get you into the mood for cherry blossom viewing -hanami. After the cherry blossom picnic and stroll, guests can indulge in a Cherry Blossom Twig Chocolate with Silky Cherry Blossom Martini at the Code Bar on the top floor.


The iconic and glamorous The St. Regis Osaka is one of the most romantic places to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Osaka. Guests are invited to celebrate the season with cherry blossom-inspired sweets and baked items including Cherry Blossom Salted Lemon Tart with a cherry petal mousse; Sakura Nama Chocolate with cherry blossom ganache made with real cherry blossoms; and Sakura Mochi Anpan, featuring a whole cherry blossom rice cake wrapped in a delicate mochi skin.

Indulge in the spirit of spring at The Bar, 5th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, with their Sakura Promotion. Try an exclusive Cherry Blossom Cocktail, “Cherry Blossom News” featuring Japanese sake for a refreshing taste reminiscent of blooming cherry blossoms. Crafted to reflect the beauty and optimism of spring, this seasonal libation boasts a mesmerizing gradation of colors reminiscent of blooming cherry blossoms.

W Osaka, Japan’s first W hotel, will be celebrating the season with inspirations from the beauty of cherry blossom trees in Osaka. The hotel will be presenting pink Sakura-themed cocktails at Living Room, the hotel’s vibrant social hub, where guests socialize with curated cocktails and live DJs. Meanwhile, at Oh. lala…, the hotel’s French dining restaurant, a culinary journey awaits with meticulously curated menus spotlighting fresh spring ingredients, complemented by blush-pink rosé wines.


The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto sits on the banks of the picturesque Kamo River, one of the most beautiful places in Kyoto to take a stroll and enjoy the sight of the trees in full bloom. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the hotel is presenting two seasonal cocktails. Sakura Flurry comprises of the harmonious Sakura and strawberry-infused Gin, elevated with Absinthe, zesty Lemon and a spring of Thyme and Sakura XII: where Limoncello’s zest meets the allure of Islay Whisky, balanced by citrusy Lemon and delicate Sakura Water. The cocktail features special velvety texture of Aquafaba, a hint of White Bean Paste, and a dash of Abbott’s Bitters.


From March 20 to April 30, JW Marriott Hotel Nara will also be celebrating the arrival of spring with a cherry blossom themed cocktail at FLYING STAG. A mixologist has skillfully captured the essence of Nara’s cherry blossoms in a cocktail named ‘SAKURA DESIGN.’ Crafted with gin infused with cherry blossom botanicals, cherry liqueur, and sweet sake, this cocktail offers a gentle sweetness complemented by subtle herbal notes, creating a comforting warmth in every sip. The visual allure of the drink mirrors the serene beauty of cherry blossoms, with soft hues visible through the glass contrasted by the green of sencha tea dusted atop the drink, evoking a tranquil moment of reflection. Savor this exquisite creation as you admire the enchanting nighttime cherry blossoms of Mt. Yoshino in full bloom.


From March 15 to April 15, when the pink cherry blossoms begin to bloom in Fukuoka City, The Ritz-Carlton, Fukuoka’s Café Diva will offer a cherry blossom pink-themed ‘Sakura Afternoon Tea’ featuring an abundance of fresh local ingredients and seasonal fruits, all served on original Aritayaki porcelain. Sweet and savory delights include shortcake created with Fukuoka prefecture’s sweet Amao strawberries and cherry blossoms; cherry eclair made with white bean paste and griotte cherries; Western-style temari sushi with marinated cherry sea bream from Genkai in Saga prefecture; homemade grissini made with Aso cured ham from Kumamoto prefecture; and Yame green tea.

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