VIVIN Grocery Bangkok, is a gourmet, organic, natural grocery with a unique restaurant featuring local, artisanal meals. VIVIN Grocery stands as an emblem of artisanal and local, specializing in organic and natural provisions, while championing the essence of artisanal creations. Established in 2013, VIVIN Grocery has carved a niche for itself, not only as a

VIVIN Grocery Bangkok, is a gourmet, organic, natural grocery with a unique restaurant featuring local, artisanal meals. VIVIN Grocery stands as an emblem of artisanal and local, specializing in organic and natural provisions, while championing the essence of artisanal creations. Established in 2013, VIVIN Grocery has carved a niche for itself, not only as a purveyor of exceptional products but also as a curator of Thailand’s fine and gourmet “Made in Thailand” offerings.

VIVIN Grocery boasts a remarkable selection of locally-made Thai products crafted from premium natural ingredients, along with a wide array of certified organic items, sourced from Thailand’s trusted local suppliers. The store and restaurant has earned a reputation for its exceptional assortment of Artisanal Local Thai Cheese, making it a global epicenter for cheese enthusiasts. Complementing this, VIVIN Grocery offers an exquisite collection of cold cuts and charcuterie, many of which are crafted within its very own kitchen.

The standard at VIVIN Grocery are that products must be derived from all-natural ingredients or bear organic certification, with an emphasis on sourcing locally or regionally to support sustainability and reduce waste. The importation of goods is kept to a minimum, ensuring a strong focus on locally-sourced treasures. Beyond being purveyors, VIVIN Grocery actively engages in the quality assurance process of its products. Collaborating closely with select suppliers, the team diligently maintains quality control and contributes to product development, from creating recipes to testing novel creations.

At the core of VIVIN Grocery’s mission lies its distinctive “grocery-to-restaurant” or “shelf-to-plate” dining model, a pioneering concept that seamlessly integrates in-store groceries and organic produce into the culinary creations at the VIVIN Grocery – Café Asok and VIVIN Grocery – Bistro and Bar Thonglor locations. This approach celebrates the star of the show: the product itself, encapsulated in their motto, “it’s all about product”. Diners often have the experience of witnessing chefs selecting additional produce and ingredients directly from the grocery floor, maintaining the full-circle “shelf-to-plate” format, ensuring that not only the grocery but the dining experience embodies the same philosophy of natural, quality and local.

With a diverse inventory boasting over 400 items, VIVIN Grocery continues to broaden its organic and gourmet offerings. Customers can now find essentials like organic rice, sugar, pickled vegetables, flour, and dried fruits, alongside delectable homemade confections, organic milk, selection of exotic cheese and cold cut delicacies, all natural and artfully crafted in Thailand. The brand is also set to launch an enticing range of homewares and gifts, featuring plateware, homemade natural soaps, and exclusive VIVIN Grocery merchandise, including caps and bags.

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About VIVIN Grocery
Established in 2013, VIVIN Grocery stands as a gourmet, organic, and natural grocery store with a restaurant concept in Bangkok, Thailand. Renowned for its devotion to artisanal, local, and organic products, VIVIN Grocery offers a thoughtfully curated selection of gourmet items, all founded on its commitment to local Thai, natural ingredients, uncompromising quality, and waste minimization. Presenting two distinctive locations in the heart of Bangkok—VIVIN Grocery – Café & Bistro Asok and VIVIN Grocery – Bistro & Bar Thonglor—it continues to cater to the discerning tastes of the city’s residents with its unique and distinctive culinary and shopping experience where the motto is – “It’s all about product”.

Our mission:
VIVIN Grocery is dedicated to raising public awareness and fostering understanding of artisanal, organic, and natural Thai and regional products, with a special emphasis on Thai cheese, cold cuts, and charcuterie. Central to their mission is the innovative “grocery-to-restaurant” or “shelf-to-plate” dining model, which seamlessly integrates in-store groceries and organic produce into flavorful dishes, further advancing the cause of promoting a sustainable mindset.

VIVIN Grocery with 2 Bangkok Locations:

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*UPDATE September 2023:
The previous Ekamai location has ‘moved’ to Thonglor and with improved space and offerings.

VIVIN Grocery – Bistro & Bar Thonglor

*The original Ekamai branch location was Open since October 2019 and is now closed and moved to Thonglor. Thonglor branch location opened 2nd September 2023.

NEW!!! Soft Opening 2nd September 2023: VIVIN Grocery makes an exhilarating entry into Bangkok’s Thonglor neighborhood with the introduction of VIVIN Grocery – Bistro & Bar Thonglor. This beloved grocery and restaurant brand, known for championing locally sourced produce, brings its signature bistro experience and an innovative bar concept to Thonglor. Situated at Thonglor 13, a vibrant locale celebrated for its diverse culinary offerings, nightlife attractions, and iconic landmarks, VIVIN Grocery’s arrival adds a unique and distinctive dimension to the neighborhood’s cultural tapestry.

At the heart of VIVIN Grocery’s culinary philosophy is their “Shelf to Plate” dining experience, seamlessly combining Thai, artisanal, organic, and natural products from their grocery store with the restaurant’s menu. This approach showcases the richness of locally sourced ingredients through delectable French-European and Western comfort dishes, featuring exceptional Thai artisanal cheese and homemade charcuterie. Since its establishment in 2013, VIVIN Grocery has flourished as a renowned culinary destination in Bangkok, fervently dedicated to promoting Thailand’s finest “Artisan, Local, Natural” goods, all while fostering a deep bond within the local community as an independent, family-owned enterprise.

VIVIN Grocery’s Thonglor branch not only promises to continue delivering its treasured bistro menu, which includes artisanal sandwiches, succulent Thai-Charolais beef steak, wholesome organic salads, and iconic delights like duck confit, cheese, and cold cut platters, but it also introduces an exciting and innovative dimension. This addition features a dedicated bar space, showcasing a carefully curated selection of local artisanal spirits, craft beers, and Thai wines, all aimed at highlighting the artistry of these homegrown creations. Embracing their motto, “It’s all about the product,” the branch will unveil a fresh cocktail menu, emphasizing simplicity and artistry in every crafted drink, with an emphasis on locally sourced mixers and artisanal, homemade, and organic ingredients, enhancing the nuanced flavors of each specially crafted local spirit and beer. The selection also includes an extensive range from GranMonte Vineyard & Winery, a distinguished Thai GI Certified wine producer in Khao Yai. This exciting venture not only shines a spotlight on locally produced Thai wines and crafted spirits but also introduces an enticing French-Izakaya Bar Menu concept, incorporating Thai-grown and sourced ingredients. VIVIN Grocery’s Thonglor branch is committed to continuing its tradition of delivering exceptional culinary experiences that have earned it the respected reputation it enjoys among food enthusiasts in Bangkok and beyond.

*The original Ekamai branch location open since October 2019 and is now closed and moved to Thonglor. Thonglor branch location opened 2nd September 2023.

Open Everyday:
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday, Saturday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

Address: 87 Soi Akkaphat Thonglor 13, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 (

VIVIN Grocery – Café & Bistro Asok

Open since 10th August 2022

The Asok branch is open everyday from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm and Friday and Saturday until 10.00 pm.

VIVIN Grocery – Café & Bistro Asok, which first opened its doors on August 10, 2022, is a vibrant and welcoming establishment in the heart of Bangkok. Situated at the bustling junction of Sukhumvit Soi 19 and Asok 1, it’s conveniently located just a short 5-minute walk from Terminal 21 Shopping Center and Asok BTS Train Station. The café boasts a bright and inviting atmosphere with an abundance of natural light, cozy seating, and plush pillows. Designed with a “Tropical European” theme, it exudes a sense of style and warmth that makes it an ideal place to unwind, whether for a quick coffee, a takeaway meal, or a leisurely breakfast or brunch.

Operating from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm every day, and extending its hours until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, VIVIN Grocery – Café & Bistro Asok caters to a diverse clientele. Its strategic location makes it a go-to spot for locals, office workers, and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to work remotely, host a lunch or afternoon meeting, or simply enjoy some quality time with family and friends, this establishment offers a welcoming environment. Visitors to Bangkok can also explore a wide selection of artisanal Thai souvenirs, connect to free Wi-Fi, or savour the extensive café menu while connecting with friends.

The café’s menu is as diverse as its clientele, offering a range of café-friendly dishes that include fresh organic salads, savory sourdough blinis, artisanal sandwiches, fluffy omelettes, and organic fruit and vegetable smoothies. Even young and young-at-heart patrons can relish dishes like double chipolata hot dogs, steak hache pasta, and a variety of delectable pastries, cakes, and sweets, such as chocolate mousse made from single origin Thai dark chocolate. As evening falls, the ambiance transforms into a more intimate “Bistro” setting, featuring subdued lighting and lively music. Here, guests can savor hearty steaks and refreshing gourmet salads paired with cool beverages, making it an ideal choice for both group outings and romantic evenings.

VIVIN Grocery – Café & Bistro Asok is part of the VIVIN Grocery brand, which also includes VIVIN Grocery – Bistro & Bar Thonglor. Both locations offer a wide range of grocery items and feature inviting outdoor terrace areas. Moreover, they are pet-friendly, ensuring that everyone, even furry friends, can enjoy the welcoming atmosphere inside or out. Additionally, the venue often offers a private space for hosting and catering for special events with an ability customise breakfast, brunch or dinner functions and parties to match the client’s celebration, preferences, and budget.

Open Everyday:
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 09:00 pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Address: 33, 1 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 (

The Founders’ Journey: Past and Present.

VIVIN Grocery’s inception traces back to “VIVIN,” a pop-up food vendor at the Bangkok Farmers’ Market in 2014. Co-founder Nicolas Vivin drew inspiration from his grandmother’s foie-gras terrine recipe, infusing it with innovative twists like incorporating local elements such as Phuket-based rum and Chiang Mai strawberries.

Nicolas Vivin, hailing from Roanne, France, and his Australian-Thai business partner and wife, food marketing expert Samantha Proyrungtong, embarked on a quest to promote local, sustainable gourmet fare. Initially, they faced the challenge of acquainting both local and international customers with the potential of Thai artisanal products. Undeterred, they expanded their range by collaborating with artisans from diverse regions of Thailand. Besides producing artisanal and natural goods, VIVIN Grocery actively engaged in quality control and product development, partnering closely with select producers to maintain excellence and experiment with new recipes and items.

From a Farmers’ Market stall in 2014 to a food supplier for hotels and restaurants in 2015, VIVIN ventured into boutique corners at Emquartier and Central Chidlom between 2016 and 2018 to reach a wider audience. Subsequently, VIVIN chose to refocus its efforts to better align with its boutique brand and operations, closing its mini corners. With newfound independence, VIVIN opened its inaugural brick-and-mortar store at Ekamai Complex and rebranded as “VIVIN Grocery” in November 2019.

Today, VIVIN Grocery offers over 400 product types and a ready-to-eat menu available for pickup and delivery. They expanded from their retail grocery to introduce a restaurant or a “Grocerant” (restaurant-in-grocery) in September 2020. VIVIN Grocery prepares All Day Dining meals at two locations (Asok and Thonglor), crafted with inspiration from Nicolas Vivin’s family recipes and fond memories of Roanne, Lyon, and Les Contamines-Montjoie, combining European and international flavors with Thai produce. This culinary philosophy is what VIVIN Grocery terms “Shelf to Plate.”

In August 2022, VIVIN Grocery introduced a second location in Asok, Sukhumvit Soi 19, known as “VIVIN Grocery – Café Asok,” offering groceries and a similar menu with distinct café vibes. In the evening, the café transforms into a bistro, featuring an ambient setting.

New Adventure – Soft Opening on September 2, 2023:
VIVIN Grocery embarks on an exciting journey by establishing “VIVIN Grocery – Bistro & Bar Thonglor” in Bangkok’s vibrant Thonglor neighborhood. Renowned for championing locally sourced produce, this beloved grocery and restaurant brand introduces its signature bistro experience and an innovative bar concept to Thonglor, nestled at Thonglor 13. This move adds a unique and distinctive dimension to the neighborhood’s cultural landscape.

Over the past decade, the couple has tirelessly worked to elevate the profile of local Thai and artisanal products, fostering a close-knit community of passionate artisans dedicated to this niche industry, which has grown since the early days of the Farmers’ Market.

More on the Café and Bistro Menu.

VIVIN Grocery’s restaurant menu boasts free-range egg ‘fluffy omelettes,’ a Normandie, France delicacy. Choose from Classic, Three (Artisan) Cheeses, or Local Goat Cheese omelettes, with optional sides like pork lardons, potatoes, or seasonal vegetables with homemade pesto, a delight for gourmands and Instagram enthusiasts.

The café offers coffee made from Thai coffee beans and an array of bakery items, including croissants, baguettes, and loaves. Alternatively, indulge in healthy breakfast bowls featuring granola, yogurt, and seasonal organic fruit.
Lunch at any branch is a treat with VIVIN Grocery’s popular artisanal sandwiches, available in 20cm or 40cm sizes.

Customer favorites include the succulent duck confit, crispy outside and juicy inside, cooked in its own duck fat, accompanied by roasted organic vegetables. The Halloumi Salad and Goat Cheese Salad, a classic French bistro dishes, features Buchette Thai goat cheese or pan-fried Halloumi drizzled with honey, served atop a bed of organic greens, and dressed in VIVIN Grocery’s in-house vinaigrette.

For after-work or weekend indulgence, savour an aperitif with VIVIN Grocery’s APERO Cheese and/or Cold Cuts Platter, perfectly paired with an extensive selection of biodynamic and GI Certified Thai Wines from GranMonte Vineyard and Winery.

Dinner choices abound with a range of hot dishes, including bronze-cut pasta varieties with homemade sauces like the signature Siam is Blue Cheese Pasta. Opt for signature Hanger, Bavette, and Striploin Thai-Charolais Beef steaks, cooked to perfection, with customizable sides and organic herb butter. Alternatively, relish succulent artisanal chipolata and mash or steak hache with egg and sautéed potatoes.

Conclude your meal with a selection of homemade desserts, including free-range egg Caramel Egg Custard, Chocolate Mousse, or weekly homemade specials like Tropezienne tart.

Vegetarian options abound, featuring Local Goat Cheese or Grilled Halloumi Salad and Vegan choices for sandwiches, pasta, and salads and sides.